Why Do I Need Spin Photography for My Products?

Why Do I Need Spin Photography for My Products?

How do your customers examine a product when shopping at your physical store? They pick it up, hold it, examine it thoroughly from different angles, and then decide if the product will be a good fit for their needs. You can create this same immersive shopping experience for your online store as well. 

Website conversion rates of eCommerce visitors to buyers varies between industries and business models, but the rates are low, between 1.84 - 3.71%. The primary culprit behind such high abandonment rates ultimately comes down to a lack of trust. Customers hesitate to hit that ‘checkout’ button because they are unsure if the product once delivered will meet their expectations.

Enter a simple yet powerful solution: 360° product photography. This innovative approach effortlessly addresses the aforementioned challenge, and brings an in-store experience to customers when shopping online.

Customer Engagement

75% of consumers listed product images as the most important feature when shopping online, however, using 2D images doesn’t give your customers a thorough enough perspective about the products on their screens. 360° product photos, on the other hand, offer a more immersive product experience for online shoppers. Interactivity means potential buyers are likely to spend more time on your website, allowing you to showcase why your business and products are a good fit for their needs. Interestingly enough, research suggests that 360° product photography can increase website engagement by 32%.

Increase Sales

Studies show that human brains remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. Unfortunately, with static 2D product images, people can only see a few sides of your products, and for the rest, they have to rely on the product details in the description. Providing a complete 360-degree view of your business’s products, from consumer packaged goods (CPG’s), apparel, sporting goods, and more, allows customers to visualize the item from all angles and understand how it may look and feel in real life. In fact, many brands experience a generous 10 - 40% rate increase in sales conversions after implementing 360° product photography on their online store.

Reduce Returns

eCommerce return rates tend to be much higher than those seen in brick-and-mortar stores. On average, eCommerce sites see an 18.1% return rate with some brands experiencing a 30% return rate, while physical stores experience returns of only 8-10% on average. When buyers are well-informed prior to making a purchase, the product is much more likely to meet their expectations, eliminating the need for returns. This results in increased sales and a 42% reduction in return rates.

In competitive industries, any edge on the competition can lead to substantial gains.  It’s clear that using 360° product photography can have a real effect on customer engagement, sales, and returns, making this visual tool a necessity for any business. 

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